Frequently asked questions

Is the product food safe?

Absolutely, our product is made with new and food grade plastic. Before use, simply use wet towel for surface clean is fine.

Why candy fall out from the machine every time when I was moving it?

It does happen if the snack was broken into tiny pieces, but our machines are well sealed from leaking for most of the small size snack in the market. Make sure there is not left over snack at the opening before you move it, then it is fine.

Why snack jammed inside the machine, then it doesn’t work at all?

Before loading the snack the machines, make sure the snack is in good condition. Melted, sticky snack is not suitable for our machine. If you found the condition of the snack is good, try another snack in smaller size, you can reference to the suggested snack on our package.

I have a touch activated machine, it lights up when I switched it on but just doesn’t work when I touch the sensor. What can I do?

Keep it idle for 30 second, then try again. If it still doesn’t work, switch it off and remove the batteries, wait for another 30s, re-install the battery, wake it up again and it should be fine now.

What can i do when the machine just doesn’t work whatever I had tried?

CONTACT US NOW! We are happy to answer any question from you. :)

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