IntegPro Development Limited is a Hong Kong based company that has been designing, developing, and manufacturing for her customers since 2014.

We value ideas no matter where they come from and partnerships who can be success together, also the people having fun working and growing together.

A successful product can only be build at a right cost, and the right cost can bring profit to our customers, us, and our vendors, the most important parties in product development cycle. Time is money on the other hand, this is why a right cost at a right time is the key of success. We believe the lowest price is not always the correct price.

Our vendors, including production and package plants, are certified by U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Walt Disney Co., Walmart etc. All products are tested by International lab to meet all safety regulations.

Our vision is to bring goods products to make our life fun, while our mission is bringing professional product development and manufacturing service to our customer in order to achieve our vision.

What Do We Do?

We are doing OEM business with some overseas customers, including Jelly Belly Candy Company, Hersheys Chocolate World Las Vegas, The Cooler, JotSpot and Pouch Pal.

Our professional service is covering the whole product development, manufacturing and logistics process. From design drawing, costing, CAD, prototyping, tooling fabrication, quality assurance testing, production pilot, mass production, to delivering goods from China port to your warehouse door.

The services we provide are well covering the needs in the development and manufacturing process.

1. Product development and prototyping

2. Mold design and fabrication

3. Manufacturing

4. Factory audit

5. Goods inspection

6. Logistic

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